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With billions of emails sent and received each day, email is frequently an intruder’s means to attack your organisation. GFI MailEssentials is-easy-to-use and offers a comprehensive set of defenses to protect your company and improve email productivity


GFI MailEssentials protects your email network against viruses and other malware threats using advanced email filtering technologies, with 14 anti-spam filters and 4 anti-virus engines.


With a spam capture rate of over 99% and minimal false positives, IT Administrators can be rest assured that company email is secure and spam-free.


GFI MailEssentials puts control in the hands of the administrator and user, with a central web-based email management dashboard, and email reporting tools.

GFI Essentials is now offered as part of GFI Unlimited program, offering multilayered security for SMB’s needed to prevent, detect and remediate threats from entering your network. GFI Essentials can be deployed as part of either Unlimited Network Security or Unlimited Secure Email.


GFI MailEssentails – forms part of both the “GFI Unlimited Secure Email” and “GFI Unlimited Network Security” – ALL for one value based price you only pay for one Single Subscription.

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