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Security Awareness Training Products

80% of all cyber security breaches happen as a result of Human Error.


Humans are the frontline of defence for Cyber Security, you can’t replace human intuition and insight.

Every organisation needs to have a strong cybersecurity awareness program to ensure that this first line of defence is prepared to mitigate cyber breaches should they happen! 

What is Security Awareness? 

It is the process of making people aware of risks to the things they value, and how they can safeguard against those risks.

SoftGen is teaming with Layer 8 Security, an Australian company based in Brisbane and our long-term End Point Security partner VIPRE to offer a complete suite of Cyber Security Awareness Programs that leverage progressive training techniques to effectively improve human response against cyber-attacks.

Both of these vendors offer comprehensive training solutions to fit your requirements based on your staff’s current awareness of cyber security by the use of simulated phishing exercises aimed at measuring staff response and awareness.

However each vendor offers a different approach with Layer 8 offering a more Interactive solution whilst VIPRE offers a more traditional on-line training packages.

These vendors training programs also met the following essential criteria for a successful training program:

•    Is the content relevant? 
•    Are the course materials easy to understand? 
•    Does it empower employees and staff?
•    Is it fun?

The biggest hurdle in increasing security posture is the level of awareness and behaviour of people. Most training rolls through blurbs of boring content, yawn worthy presentations and quite frankly are forgotten just about as quickly as they’re delivered.

Layer 8 Security have designed their training to engage people, make it actually relevant and interesting and memorable. 

Australia’s first Online Cyber Escape Room are designed to deliver participants a sound understanding of good cyber security principals, why they’re important, what to pay attention to in different scenarios and to retain that knowledge. They get people thinking – all while actually having fun - There are multiple cyber security escape rooms to choose – from the isolation of outer space to the depths of the catacombs.

Interactive cyber security awareness training methods help users absorb and appropriately recall the knowledge and tactics necessary to be aware of the methods used by cyber criminals and then subsequently, avoid the attack - A virtual session could help mitigate significant Cyber Risk.

A majority of their programs are undertaken online and focus on short & fun learning experiences to ensure that a short course achieves the maximum benefits for their customers. It’s important to remember all the programs can be customized around an organisation’s specific staff and security needs.


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Security Awareness Training

VIPRE Security Awareness solutions are an ideal fit for companies that do not have time and resources to establish a security awareness program, are looking to augment or replace an existing program, or are looking to build a highly customized program targeted to the threats most prevalent to their company.


VIPRE SAT packages deliver assessments, training, and phishing simulations through an integrated learning path. Comprised of content that is front loaded to immediately educate remote employees, these packages are built to fit any organizations Security Awareness need, large or small. Deployable in minutes, VIPRE courses and phishing simulations are built to maximise employees learning and development time to create a security first organisation.


VIPRE SAT is an easy-to-use cloud-based learning solution that builds practical, cost effective security awareness for a company’s employees

The content featured in each course has been developed to teach users to keep security top of mind in everything they do and empower them to be the best defence of their company’s cyber security infrastructure.

VIPRE SAT offers three packages Essentials which is perfect for the time/budget conscious organisation, plus the Advanced and Enterprise packages.

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