Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability Assessment is a tried and tested tool that can assist companies in proactively identifying, prioritising and responding to security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability testing preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system. 

The system refers to any computers, networks, network devices, software, web application, cloud computing etc.
SoftGen, recognises that different companies have different requirements and therefore we offer a number of different options, when considering which Vulnerability Assessment tool is ideal for them depending on security requirements and ability to analyse your systems. Identifiy and deal with security vulnerabilities before it’s too late. 

Acunetix is a market leader and pioneer in automated web application security technology.

As many as 70% of websites contain vulnerabilities that can lead to the theft of sensitive corporate data, such as credit card information and customer lists. Website security is a must priority in any organisation but remains overlooked. Hackers continue to concentrate on web based applications.

Acunetix is available online or on premise. Acuntix Online can be licensed per year for any number of scan targets, the On Premise version is available as an Entry and Enterprise level.



GFI LanGuard is an on premise solution that allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify security vulnerabilities in your network and connected devices, including smart phones, tablets, printers, switches and routers. Providing a complete picture of the network and help maintain security with minimal effort.

GFI LanGuard also enables complete Patch Management of security and non-security patches to Microsoft operating systems, Mac OS, major Linux distributions and third party applications. It can also automate patching for all major web browsers.

Rapid 7 is a global leader in advanced security. Their solutions simplify the complex, allowing security teams to work more effectively with IT and Development to reduce vulnerabilities.

In these rapidly changing times, you shouldn’t have to worry about your security program. Rapid7 is here to help you reduce risk across your entire connected environment so your company can focus on what matters most. Whether you need to easily manage vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behaviour, investigate and shut down attacks, or automate your operations — we have solutions and guidance for you.

Rapid 7 offer two Vulnerability Assessment tools one on- premise solution Nexpose and a hosted solution InsightVM. Both tools deliver comprehensive reports for every scan, which prioritises all identified vulnerabilities with details on how to fix the vulnerabilities. 

The information collected can either be stored to enable Trend Analysis or export for Penetration Testing.


ThreatDefence is a Unified Security platform that includes Vulnerability Assessment as a stand-alone tool, based on Open Source Technology.

It’s an Australian developed solution with the development team based in Sydney supported by a Security Operation Centre (SOC)


Regularly scheduled or ad-hoc scanning offers an insight into both authorised and unauthorised activity on your network, providing an accurate picture on identified vulnerabilities and how to remediate.

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Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Security as a Service is gaining momentum as a way to effectively combat the growing number and sophistication of cyber-attacks. SoftGen has been offering Vulnerability Assessments as a Service since 2015.


We remove the need to invest in specialised skills and infrastructure by providing greater flexibility while reducing the cost to your business. We provide the TOOLS+EXPERTISE for a single service fee based on the number of devices to be scanned.


Our service can be provided as an adhoc or managed program, we provide the TOOLS+EXPERTISE based on a per device charge.


Whichever vulnerability tool you decide to use, choosing the ideal one will depend on security requirements and ability to analyse your systems. Identify and Deal with security vulnerabilities before it’s too late.