ThreatDefence is a Unified Security Management Platform with Managed Detection and Response Service

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Intuitive, Affordable, Scalable - deploys in minutes.

While similar solutions require months of configuration by security experts, ThreatDefence is like a Security Operations Centre in a box.

It works as soon as you plug it into your network, INSTANTLY giving you visibility across all the vulnerabilities, threats, anomalies and attacks on your network, in REAL TIME.

With this comprehensive security tool, you can monitor your network 24x7, as well as analyse and report on the security of all of your devices.

Catch attacks and intrusions as they occur, allowing you to secure your networks against cyber-attacks and security incidents that could comprise your environment.​

The ThreatDefence solution consists of three independent services: Detection, Analysis and Remediation. You can select any or all of the services that suit your business.

ThreatDefence can be deployed either as an on premise or fully managed service, both deployment can be customized to meet your requirements. Click our Managed Security Service for more information.

15 Ways To Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack

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