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We Help You Stay Ahead

Managed Security Services

We help you stay ahead of the Hack

A cyber-attack can happen to any business regardless of size or industry. How confident are you that your systems and data can withstand an attack?


Security as a Service is gaining momentum as a way to effectively combat the growing numbers and sophistication of Cyber-attacks.


It provides greater flexibility and at the same time it reduces costs by removing the need to invest in specialised skills and infrastructure.


Our services can keep your systems and data safe, without breaking the bank we provide the Tools + Skills and Expertise

Cyber Security is a Business Risk

Business Risk

Whether you’re a single operator or a multi-national company, you need to protect your vital assets.


Cyber Security is about Risk Minimisation and Asset Protection, it is no different from other parts of business where assessment of risk in order to minimise potential impact is undertaken.


Conventional computer protection technologies have become less effective and are no longer able to guarantee the protection of company assets.


An effective defence strategy must rely on a holistic and proactive program which uses innovative security tools managed by specialised and expert resources within a framework of structured and contextualised processes.


SoftGen’s Security as a Service offers a range of services, all aimed at providing your company with cost effective solutions aimed at minimising your company’s cyber risk profile by providing you with actionable security intelligence.

Protect Your Digital Assets without the Overhead

In the past, protecting company systems and data required significant investment in infrastructure and specialised skills, which made it unaffordable for many businesses.


Our Security as a Security solution removes this barrier, allowing you to effectively combat the growing numbers and sophistication of Cyber-attacks, without the overhead.


Take advantage of our proactive customised programs including:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

  • Automated Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • Cyber Security Audit

  • Fully Managed XDR Platform-provides visibility and threat defence across your network, endpoints, servers, cloud assets and third parties in your supply chain.

Advantages of Security as a Service

  • Visibility. See all your digital assets and the activity of all users both authorised and unauthorised, enabling you to decide how best to secure your assets.

  • Scalable. Our services scale as your business grows, making them ideal for both SME’s and Enterprise customers.

  • Cost Effective. Our Subscription pricing model means you only pay for the number of devices/employees scanned. No capital expenditure required.

  • Rapid Deployment. The services can be installed and reporting in less than a day, giving you immediate peace of mind.

  • Non-Disruptive. Operates in “Passive” mode with zero impact on production traffic, with no impact to business operations.

  • Proactive vs. Reactive. Protects your business against emerging and undocumented threats, not just known issues.

  • Policy Design. The data logged and analysis assists you to develop your security policies.

  • Continuous Protection. Our security team will monitor, take action and report on all suspicious traffic.

Why Choose SoftGen

Why SoftGen

We are security experts, with over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology including extensive experience in Cyber Security.


We know how to protect your business, regardless of size or industry from SME’s to Enterprise across multiple industries, with an ability to deliver throughout Australia and the APAC region.


Our security consultants understand the technology that runs your business and are specialists in vulnerability discovery and exploit development, allowing us to determine exactly what tests and attacks could and should be protected against.


Our programs can be customised to assess your level of risk by identifying all threats on your infrastructure that could provide cybercriminals access to your confidential information.

Our Services Include 

Our services give you the tools to identify vulnerabilities in your IT Infrastructure that could provide an attack surface for cybercriminals, avoiding disruption to your business operations and potential financial loss. We offer a range of services that can be customised to address your requirements and provide you with a security plan to minimise your risks of a cyber breach.

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment


The Vulnerability Assessment is a core operation that provides your organisation with critical insight into the weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure and overall network that could allow unauthorised access to your digital information. 

The SoftGen tailored approach to Vulnerability Assessment enables you to understand: 

  • What vulnerabilities exist in your IT infrastructure  

  • Which vulnerabilities could be used by unauthorised persons to access your digital information and damage your business? 

  • How to fix any vulnerabilities based on priorities; a Remediation Report is delivered at the completion of each scan. 

  • If the fixes have been applied and installed correctly. A re-scan will be done at the completion of remediation/s. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing or Ethical Hacking


This process identifies any vulnerabilities capable of delivering an attack surface for a cybercriminal to successfully attack your IT Infrastructure. A penetration test mimics the actions of an actual hacker, exploiting possible weaknesses in your network security, without the usual dangers.

Penetration Testing

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) – Also known as CISO on Demand


This service gives you access to an experienced Cyber Security Engineer who can assess and provide advice on securing your IT Infrastructure against a cyber-attack. It is feasible for organisations of ALL sizes, and you can engage these services on either a subscription or contract per use basis.


The benefits offered by a virtual CISO include:

  • Unbiased Analysis. An external third party is able to objectively evaluate your existing security program.

  • Cost Effectiveness. Pay as you go pricing allows you to pay for only the time and resources you use.

  • On Demand Service. Using the service provider allows for constant, flexible availability of security resources.

  • Long and Short-term benefits. In the short term the vCISO can give your organisation more security by identifying immediate risks and introducing or tightening controls. In the long term they can assist in setting up an in-house security program.

  • Experience. vCISOs have had extensive experience working with a wide array of diverse organisations.



Real-time Monitoring, Mitigation and Remediation - Security Operations Centre

SoftGen’s Security as a Service also provides a fully managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response) cyber security platform, providing visibility and threat detection across your network, endpoints, servers, cloud assets and third parties in your supply chain. Our services are supported by a qualified and experienced 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre staff.

  • Application Monitoring. Real-time security monitoring for key business applications.

  • Email Monitoring. Real-time security monitoring and threat detection for email threats, such as phishing or business email compromise.

  • Cloud Monitoring. This scan provides a security assessment of your hosted infrastructure and Applications including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Amazon and hosted telephony services.

  • Endpoint Visibility and Threat Detection. Detects and responds to the most sophisticated endpoint threats specifically designed to bypass traditional antivirus tools.

  • Extended Detection and Response. Advanced event correlation and threat detection across all security event sources, such as endpoint, network, applications and public cloud.

  • Weekly or Monthly Reporting. Operational reporting on detected security threats, security metric reporting, and security trends.

  • SIEM as a service. Get superior visibility and threat detection with our Cloud SIEM/XDR platform providing Endpoint/Cloud/Network Security Monitoring Security Monitoring and Threat Detection.

  • SOC as a service. Our Security Operations Centre provides proactive monitoring and incident response with 24 x 7 team of Cyber Security experts.

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