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Security as a Service (SECaaS) is gaining momentum as a way to effectively combat the growing numbers and sophistication of Cyber-attacks. It provides greater flexibility and at the same time it reduces cost by removing the need to invest in specialised skills and infrastructure.

We Help You Stay Ahead of the Hack

SoftGen Managed Security Services Security Essentials


The foundation of risk management is knowledge of the factors which may cause loss.


Cyber security is no different. 


Cyber Security is about Risk Minimisation and Asset Protection, it is no different from other parts of business where assessment of risk in order to minimise potential impact is undertaken.


Traditional security solutions such as Antivirus, Spam Detection and Firewalls are no longer 100% effective against today’s cyber-attacks. 

SoftGen’s Managed Security Services-Security Essentials

A simple way to establish a credible understanding of your Cyber Risk is to undertake a Security Assessment Scan.

The Security Assessment scans all your digital assets or just the assets you nominate. The scan identifies all vulnerabilities and upon completion of the each scan SoftGen delivers a remediation report.

The Remediation Report provides:

  • The ranking of the discovered vulnerabilities (risks)

  • Step by step recommendation actions on how to rectify each vulnerability

The security assessment scan is an effective method for all organisations no matter the size.

Security Essentials service is customisable and can be provided as a One off Service or as a fully managed real time monitoring service supported by a fully trained and experienced Security
Operations Centre, based in Sydney.

In the event that the Security Assessments scan demonstrates a high degree of vulnerability and risk then SoftGen via our Consultants and SOC staff can provide the necessary advice and on-site support to rectify the problem.

As reported by the Australian Signals Directorate “The costs of comprise can be more expensive than preventative measures”. The costs of a successful breach can be crippling, not only in
terms of financial loss but it can cause lasting damage to your business reputation.

Security Incident Investigation

This service provides a real time and historic analysis of security events to discover active threats and intrusions within a customer’s IT Infrastructure.


Utilising  the ThreatDefence SIEM appliance to monitor all traffic, presenting the information in a customisable dashboard that provides intuitive visualisations representing indicators of comprise, network intrusions and other cyber threats in real time.


Our security analyst can identify both current and historical malicious activity that can comprise key assets of your organisations, including the theft or alteration of confidential information and/or financial fraud.  


Having identified and determined  if a major security incidents are occurring currently or have in the past, the analyst can then provide a comprehensive report identifying all the incidents and prioritise remediation’s, to prevent future incidents.

What are the Advantages of a Security Assessment?
Image by Austin Distel
  • Visibility of all your digital assets and all activity both authorised and unauthorised.

  • The customer decides which assets they want scanned 

  • Understanding of your Risk level – which digital assets are at risk.

  •  Actionable Reporting – the Remediation report identifies, prioritises and provides instructions on how to repair all identified vulnerabilities.

  • Expertise – SoftGen provides both the tools and expertise to minimise your risk.

  • Cost Effective – Subscription pricing based on the number of devices/employees scanned – No capital expenditure.

  • We offer a one off Assessment through to a fully managed SEIM environment supported by a 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre.

Image by Jay Wennington

Our Security Essentials Program delivers a number of different Services

Threat Assessment is used to gain a picture of your current security risk of your organisation. The deliverable is to identify areas of risk:

  • Misconfigured Systems 

  • Inadequate Controls

  • Vulnerable Systems 

  • Assets communicating with poor hosts

Dark Web Search This is an automated scan that enables us to monitor Dark Web sites, searching data dumps (emails, passwords and documents) for stolen or leaked company credentials that are being offered for sale by cyber criminals


Cloud Security Assessment – This scan provides a security assessment of your hosted infrastructure and Applications including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Amazon and hosted telephony services for example.

cyberoam security.jpg
Threat defence 1.png

ThreatDefence – is a Unified Security Management Platform, providing a Real- Time threat detection, analysis and prevention system.

ThreatDefence uses log analysis and threat intelligence to minimise the risk of a Cyber-attack. The solution has been developed using “Best of Breed” Open Source Security and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

The service is scalable and is ideal for SME’s with 50 or more employees through to Enterprises with thousands of employees.

Our service provides the following benefits:

  • In addition to monitoring your internet traffic, ThreatDefence can also monitor log data from Windows Event Logs, Mail and Web Servers, Routers and Firewall in short any type of file log.

  • Security Analysts are available to assist in reviewing your security risk posture/score and  to provide insights for remediation.

  • Detailed analytical reporting is available based on your requirements(daily, weekly or monthly).

  • Real Time monitoring, detection, analysis and alert service, providing  24x7 coverage.

  • Customised dashboards and reporting.

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