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Why End Point Detection and Response (EDR)?

As cyber-attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, organisations of all sizes need to continue to improve their defences, with solutions that are both proactive and provide real time defences.

EndPoint detection and response (EDR), is the next generation of end point protection, focusing on the detection of and response to cybersecurity threats on end points (servers, laptops, mobile devices and virtual machines).

EDR provides enhanced and automated protection against different types of attacks including zero-day vulnerabilities, file-less malware and active attacks, offering enhanced functionality:

  • Threat Detection

  • Incident Response

  • Log Aggregation, Triage and Analysis

  • Data Analytics

  • Support for threat hunting

Traditionally EDR solutions have been far too complex for the average business without a large and experience IT staff, now the same functionality can be offered as managed security services (MDR) enabling it to serve the needs of small and large businesses equally.

At SoftGen we are dedicated to eliminating the complexities of Cyber Security while at the same time providing Enterprise grade protection at an affordable price.


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