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VIPRE Information - Not Another Product Announcement

We thought you may be interested in reading about the latest trends and experiences in Cyber Security rather than just more Product Information, we trust you find the information useful.

To Pay or Not to Pay — That is the Ransomware Question

While experts have long stated that businesses should not pay ransoms to bad actors, many choose to pay anyway. It seems like a simple enough solution, but it doesn’t always work. Nevertheless, organizations continue to pay ransoms against expert advice, prompting a push from cybersecurity professionals and regulatory entities to make it illegal to pay ransomware ransoms, cutting off that particular revenue stream to cybercriminals.


Defending Against Deepfakes: What you Need to Know

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it has become easier than ever to create convincing deepfakes that can effectively deceive intelligent audiences. The same way that email or social media impersonation can have major cybersecurity consequences, deepfakes have the potential to cause severe damage when used by bad actors. ​​​​​​


The Business Case for Implementing Data Loss Awareness

What if you could reduce the likelihood of a breach by focusing on simple employee education and awareness? DLA tools gently guide your employees towards safer data handling, reducing the risk of costly mistakes that lead to breaches. It’s time to view DLA not as a “nice-to-have” tool, but as a critical way to protect your bottom line and the reputation you’ve built. Click here to see how much data loss could be costing your organization.


This article originally appeared on VIPRE Security Group Newsletter - April 2024.


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