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Support Information

In the event that you have a problem with your Embarcadero license, the fastest way to have the problem resolved is to contact Embarcadero directly.

However, to qualify for support, you must ensure that you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement (please refer to the Embarcadero Support and Maintenance datasheet to understand your entitlements).

Most Common Support Questions

  1. Registration of a License, especially if you need your Bump Limit increased

  2. Downloading Latest Version, you can either download the latest version via your account or use this link.

  3. Previous Versions – Availability

  4. Changing the Name of the Primary Contact on a current license

  5. Transferring or Changing the Name of the Licensee, must have active subscription

    • Open this link:

    • Provide necessary license information: Product, Product Version.

    • On the drop-down menu “What do you need assistance with” select “License Transfer” and enter the rest of the required information.​

  6. Academic licenses cannot be renewed and it's always a new license purchase with a different Serial number. Expiry date is one year after the license is fulfilled by Embarcadero.

  7. Embarcadero licenses are Perpetual Licenses. The reference to “Subscription” refers to the Support/Maintenance that is free for the first year. The reason for establishing this procedure is to ensure that you receive the fastest possible resolution to your problems. Once your request has been logged you will receive a Ticket Number.

    At this stage we can assist in managing the resolution. 
    SoftGen can also assist with first line support for some technical issues. If you do have an issue, please send an email to with a brief description of the problem.

Standard and Premium Update

Embarcadero: Importance of Update Subscription 

RAD Studio, Delphi, & C+++ Builder

The most economical way to own licenses!


Update Subscription is the Embarcadero subscription model for purchasing RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. When you purchase RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder, you obtain a perpetual license. Update Subscription provides maintenance updates and upgrades for that license at a fraction of the cost of a new license. Your first year of Update Subscription is included with your purchase! Multi-year renewals are especially attractive for developers who want both flexibility and a low price.

Standard or Premium?


Updated Subscription is available in Standard and Premium.

Importance of Update Subscription.PNG

Download Embarcadero Premium Datasheet

The Value of Embarcadero Update Subscription

Access to Developer Support Incidents

A developer support incident allows you to open a case to receive technical assistance. Our support team members are all developers with years of experience using the RAD Studio family of tools. The Update Subscription plan includes three (3) free developer support incidents per year, while the Premium Update Subscription includes unlimited incidents.

Multi-Year Renewals

To avoid the cost and frustration of lapsing renewals and having to re-purchase licenses, which is painful and costly, you can do multi-year renewals. A multiyear renewal gives you the flexibility to choose the right time to do that big upgrade while still having access to the latest version to try new features or start new projects. You also do not need to think twice about using Support.

Highly Advantageous Renewal Terms

Your Update Subscription can be renewed annually at the current renewal rate. With Update Subscription you'll spend much less to get the latest version compared to purchasing new versions every few years - plus the added benefit of the newest releases, updates to the current version and more!

Exclusive Bonus Content

Keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, and solutions can be a challenge. Update Subscription gives you access to bonus content from Embarcadero Product Management, Developer Relations and Engineering that gives you a competitive advantage. Exclusive content is only available to Update Subscription Plan subscribers and cannot be purchased separately.

Access to The Latest Developer Tools

Active Update Subscribers get every new release of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder, and product licenses are perpetual and continue to work beyond the subscription term. Your subscription also gives you access to all beta product releases.

Consistent Innovation

We invest nearly 2x the industry average in R&D as a percentage of sales. This enables us to provide continuous product improvements to keep your tools at peak performance. With a world-class 97% customer satisfaction rate, we possess strong technical knowledge, and in-depth experience in application and database design, programming, management, and system operations.

Update Subscriptio
Licensing and Deployment
Late Renewal Policies

Embarcadero Late Renewal Policies

Here are Embarcadero's Updated Late Renewal Policies:

  • Customer renews within the 30 days grace period => normal renewal fee, NO Reinstatement [RI] Fee

  • Customer renews after 30 days grace period => Renewal Fee + Reinstatement [RI] Fee

  • If customer take up 2 years renewal => waiver of Reinstatement fee + ADD uplift [but NO Multi-Year discount given]

  • If customer take up 3 years renewal => waiver of Reinstatement fee + ADD uplift + **10% MY discount

** For waiver on the RI subject to approval with supporting reason given by customer.

Embarcadero Licensing and Deployment Solutions

Embarcadero offers a variety of licensing options so organizations can more easily manage their software, while ensuring the end user has the tools they need, when they need them. Our Workstation option is perfect for individual users, while the network based named and concurrent licensing options provide a flexible, cost effective solution for organizations with a larger number of users, who want the ability to share and manage a pool of licenses. Embarcadero has licensing options available that fit the needs of any size organization as well as for individual users


  • Workstation

A Workstation (aka Named) license is for use by one person. It is not intended to be shared by multiple users. For more information, see Registering a Workstation License after Application Startup. The Workstation licensing option works best for power-users who need a copy of the software available on their workstation at all times. Workstation licensees are required to create an Embarcadero Developer Network account in order to register their product. A Workstation license does not require installation of a license server.


  • Network Named User

A Network Named User license is similar to Workstation licensing in that a license is designated to an individual. Licenses are managed over a network using a License Server. An administrator installs the License Server in a central location on your network where users are authorized to operate the product. The Network Named User is permitted access to that license at all times but may be restricted by the Administrator, if required.

This option has many advantages including centralized administration, fast and easy provisioning and de-provisioning of software assets, and asset management features including usage reports.


  • Network Concurrent

Network Concurrent licenses are managed through AppWave. It provides users with the flexibility of using any Embarcadero product but will only acquire a license when the application is open. This license option tracks the number of simultaneous users. If the number of simultaneous users exceeds the number of purchased licenses, anyone who subsequently tries to start the software is denied access.

Network Concurrent licenses are only valid for the global region in which they are sold. Global contracts can be purchased on a contractual basis. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


  • Other License Considerations

Some Embarcadero products may offer Term or Perpetual licensing options. Newer offerings now have a capacity-based licensing model. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Link to Embarcadero End User License Agreement

Software License and Support Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity ("you" or "Licensee")) and Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Software License and Support Agreement


IDERA Product Support Information

Support Plans for IDERA Customers

IDERA’s support packages offer our customers options, flexibility and more support than ever. These support packages vary by product. 

SQL, ERS, and DB PowerStudio Support Plans

Download the datasheet

Idera Database Tools Support Packages.PNG
Support Packages Comparison Chart.PNG
SQL, ERS, & DB Studio Plans

Premium Support Service Packages

When you first become an Uptime Infrastructure Monitor customer, our goal is to keep it that way. That’s why we go beyond the typical technical support oerings and give you three flexible support services options, each suited to the needs of dierent kinds of organizations. These packages support small companies, global organizations with operations around the world, and even IT shops with limited resources that could use a few extra hands to ensure our product(s) are running optimally. Choose from any of the three packages below to suit your environment needs:


  • 24x7 support for critical issues

  • Unlimited support cases per year

  • Phone and email support channels

  • Product upgrades with new feature enhancements

  • Case reporting and management via web-based Customer Portal

  • Access to comprehensive knowledge center – FAQs, “How-To’s,” and Best Practices

  • For Uptime Infrastructure Monitor plug-in technical support customers need to purchase the separate Basic Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Plug-in Support Package. Plug-in support is not provided in either the Standard, Gold, or Platinum support packages


All the oerings of the Standard Support Package PLUS…

  • Membership in Early Product Evaluation Programs

Automatic entry into programs to test-drive new product versions while they are still in the development process. Give feedback to influence new feature development before product is released to the public.

  • Technical Premium Support Services hours including: Installation, Configuration, and Training


All the oerings available in the Standard and Gold Support Packages PLUS…

  • Additional Technical Premium Support Services hours beyond those oered in Gold package

  • Environment Setup Reviews – Uptime Infrastructure Monitor technical sta will review product configurations and usage and provide a written summary of areas for improvement based on IDERA best practices.

  • Priority service through an exclusive Support phone line answered 24x7

  • A Technical Account Manager available to your organization

PRECISE Application Performance Platform 
Premium Support Packages

From the moment you become a Precise Application Performance Platform customer, we work hard to keep your business. That’s why we go beyond the typical technical support offerings and give you four flexible support services options to meet your unique needs. These packages support small companies, global organizations with operations around the world, and even IT shops with limited resources that could use a few extra hands to ensure their Precise Platform environment is running optimally. Choose from any of the four packages below to suit your needs.

Precise Support.PNG

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor


Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a unified view across your IT environment and can monitor a wide variety of physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications, and services across multiple platforms. A comprehensive set of monitoring capabilities are included in the standard solution, with much more available as plug-ins. Plug-ins expand Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s standard capabilities with monitors to report on many more servers, services, and other devices.


Any customer is free, and encouraged, to create custom plug-ins as well as utilize any plug-in available for download at Standard support for all plug-ins is available through the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor community. For more extensive plug-in support, there are additional support packages that customers can acquire to best meet their needs.

UptimeInfrastructure Monitor.PNG

Link to InterBase End User License Agreement

Software License and Support Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity ("you" or "Licensee")) and Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

InterBase Software License and Support Agreement

Premium Support Package
Precise Appication Platform
Uptime Support Plans
Interbase EULA

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