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VIPRE is an easy to manage, cloud-based VPN and secure way to protect employees from online threats while working remotely or on the go. Connecting to the internet via risky, unsecured Wi-Fi connections at coffee shops, hotels, airports, and even home networks puts the entire corporate network at risk.


A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is a tool used to make a connection private on a public network and can greatly minimize a company's online risk. A VPN helps protect against hackers seeking to steal credentials, data, information and intellectual property.

Public and untrusted Wi-Fi networks are unsafe, but VPN provides a layer of protection between an employee’s devices and other nearby devices as well as the internet at large.

VIPRE encrypts all traffic between a user's device and VIPRE endpoints in the cloud, keeping all out-of-network users safe from snooping, online threats, attackers, and vulnerabilities. There's also no infrastructure to set up or manage.

Companies of all sizes have hurriedly transitioned to a distributed workforce, and in so doing, have often overlooked key security vulnerabilities. VIPRE keeps users and data safe while offering the flexibility and ease of use organizations need to stay up and running.


Compatible across several platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon FireOS. 


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