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VIPRE Threat Intelligence


Investigate potential threats and understand their attack patterns.

  • Identify new threats

Have you ever seen a suspicious file or URL, and wondered if it might be a real threat? VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer gives you a safe sandboxed way to perform a deep analysis of any discovered files/URLs found in your organization and tells you if they are malicious or not.​

  • Deep understanding

With VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer, you can see everything an attack tries to do: every file or key touched, every process started, every network connection made, and understand exactly what the attack is trying to do.

  • Process integration

VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer provides a complete API so you can integrate potential threat analysis into your existing security tools, and quickly come back with a determination that will prevent a successful attack.


Put 25+ years of threat intelligence to work for you

  • Up-to-the-minute threat intelligence

VIPRE ThreatIQ has the latest intelligence about the threats seen by our global network of sensors, which catch millions of malicious files, URLs, and domains every day.

  • Flexible integration

Query our interactive APIs or bulk-download threat data according to your needs, VIPRE ThreatIQ can integrate with dozens of security solutions to enhance protection.

  • Truly unique data

There are many threat intelligence feeds on the market, but VIPRE’s ThreatIQ shines by producing unique data not known by other vendors, verified by independent testing.

Detect, analyze and destroy persistent threats
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