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How to Improve Cyber Security WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

These days, cyber threats are everywhere. The risk is real.

Which means business owners and executives are faced with the challenge of improving their cyber security profile in an environment of rising costs and economic uncertainty.

And unfortunately, improving a company’s cyber security is no longer optional - it’s now mandatory, with cyber-attacks increasing in both numbers and sophistication. The bad guys are looking for soft targets (businesses with weak defences or lack of visibility and basic controls), so it’s untenable to think that cyber defence is not affordable and do nothing.

In this environment with competing demands for finite investment dollars and a market with too many cyber products and overlapping capabilities, how do business owners and executives select the right products for both now and the future to gain maximum protection?

Even if the right products are selected, the next challenge is finding the right resources to implement and maximise benefit from the products – these resources are both expensive and in short supply.

In fact, these resources should be in place before a business starts evaluating products, as the business needs expertise to ensure the correct evaluation criteria to meet the company’s cyber security requirements.

So what are the options?

  1. Do nothing – which is extremely dangerous in today’s environment with cyber criminals actively searching for companies with weak defences; or

  2. Look for a company that offers a Managed Security Service (Cyber Security as a Service) that provides the products, skills and experience to address your specific security requirements – for a single service fee. This makes it cost-effective and scalable – and your digital assets are secured around the clock.

With over 25 years of experience in the cyber industry, SoftGen Australia lives and breathes IT security. Which is exactly what you want when choosing the provider to entrust your vital assets to. Our consultants are expert Cyber Security Analysts with experience working across a wide array of companies and industries. And we’re affordable.

Let us work with your IT team or external IT Service Provider to implement a strong security profile… without breaking the bank!


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