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How SMBs Can Prevent a Data Breach

SoftGen continually works with our vendors to provide our partners and customers with world leading solutions and information aimed at improving SMB’s approach to cyber security.

VIPRE's latest data breach kit “The Ultimate Guide: How SMBs Can Prevent a Breach” draws on industry intelligence and expertise of VIPRE Security Group to provide actionable insight and advice for SMB’s looking to improve their approach to cybersecurity. The guide includes info related to:

  • Are SMBs all that different from large businesses?

  • How do data breaches happen?

  • What do cybersecurity agencies suggest?

  • How can a layered approach to cybersecurity help?

Don’t wait and discover how your organisation can stay ahead of the game and prevent a cyber attack!

For any inquiries, please contact or call 02 9416 0416.


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