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Cyber Security 2024 Predictions

As 2023 is rapidly coming to an end, the cyber security landscape has seen an increase in the number of cyber-attacks, including several high-profile attacks. Unfortunately, the attacks have increased in both number and level of sophistication, with cyber criminals using both AI and ML.

These attacks are not limited to the top end of town or any specific industry with the increase of attacks against SME’s at a record high level.

At the same time increasing business costs, make it difficult for businesses to find the resources necessary to defend against increasing attacks and to build an effective cyber security program.

The ongoing skill shortages and increasing cost of software only adds to the difficulty in funding, planning, and implementing an effective cyber security program.

An effective solution is a Managed Security Solution Provider (MSSP), that can provide your organisation with a flexible platform that can be customised to meet your requirements, regardless of the size of your organisation.

With the number of automated tools now available it is important to note that a quality Cyber Security requires Human Intelligence and that all testing should include qualified security engineers to oversee the testing and remediation actions.

In early  2024 SoftGen will have some exciting new cyber security service announcements aimed at assisting our partners and customers to improve their cyber security and minimise risks of a successful attack.  


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