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(formerly NETSPARKER)

Netsparker are pioneers in providing fundamental & scalable web application security through their Proof-Based Scanning technology.

Dramatically reduce your risk of attacks across thousands of web assets. Get true, automated application security testing that scales to the size of any business.

Now a part of Invicti’s product range – Netsparker provides the ability to automate your security throughout your SDLC. See the complete picture with HIPAA, PCI and OWASP Reports.

Automate your security tasks and save your team hundreds of hours each month with Netsparker. Identify the vulnerabilities that really matter — then seamlessly assign them for remediation.

Through Netsparker’s platform, you can manage cyber risks at a scale much larger than your team’s size. Security bottlenecks & complex infrastructure – the ever-growing list of vulnerabilities continues to add up. It’s no surprise that teams are swamped by the sheer volume of work in front of them.

Take control with scalable security testing that makes life easier for your security team.

Not only can Netsparker manage your risks, but it also helps you prevent vulnerabilities by showing your developers how to write more reliable code in their existing environment.


Netsparker paves your road to protection through discovery, detection, resolution, integration and continuously securing your web-based applications. Through their unique DAST + IAST scanning approach, Netsparker helps you find the vulnerabilities that other tools can’t – developed by the team that pioneered the world’s first IAST.


Netsparker can scan thousands of websites and web applications, scalable as your business evolves. Get simple, accurate and reliable application security.

Download a copy of this data sheet on this link: Web Application Security Scanner 

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