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An award winning, messaging and collaboration solution.


Looking for an Enterprise Class security solution for Email, Calendar and Instant Messaging, that meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.


Kerio Connect is a  web-based administration console rapid deployment in any IT environment whether cloud, on-premises or virtualized Secure mobile support for a wide range of devices—from iPhones and Android phones to tablets

Kerio Connect provides:

  • Cross Platform Support

Full support for Outlook (Windows and Mac), native apps for Mac, and any other IMAP or POP compliant email clients.


  • Protection

For email users and the network with security features such as SSL encryption, S/MIME and powerful antivirus and anti-spam tools


  • Intuitive

Anytime, anywhere administration through the Kerio Connect web-based administration console.


  • Rapid Deployment

In any IT environment whether cloud, on-premises or virtualised


  • Secure Mobile

Support for a wide range of devices from iPhones and Android Phones to tablets


  • Free Migration Tools

Leverage free migration tools to move quickly and easily from Exchange, IMAP and any other environment


Kerio Connect is now offered as part of GFI Unlimited program, offering multilayered security for SMB’s needed to prevent,detect and remediate threats from entering your network. Kerio Connect can be deployed as part of Unlimited Secure Email.


Kerio Connect – forms part of the “GFI Unlimited Secure Email” package – ALL for one value based price you only pay for one Single Subscription.

Our Security Essentials Program delivers a number of different Services

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Download a copy of this data sheet on this link: GFI Kerio Connect

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