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Why VIPRE End Point Detection and Response (EDR)?


As cyber-attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, organisations of all sizes need to continue to improve their defences, with solutions that are both proactive and provide real time defences.


VIPRE End Point detection and response (EDR), is the next generation of end point protection, focusing on the detection of and response to cybersecurity threats on end points (servers, laptops, mobile devices and virtual machines).

VIPRE EDR provides enhanced and automated protection against different types of attacks including zero-day vulnerabilities, file-less malware and active attacks, offering enhanced functionality:

  • Threat Detection

  • Incident Response

  • Log Aggregation, Triage and Analysis

  • Data Analytics

  • Support for threat hunting


Why Choose VIPRE:


  • The Best Protection at the Best Price. VIPRE consistently outperforms other security vendors in the industry’s most comprehensive independent testing.

  • Easy to Use. VIPRE’S intuitive solutions make it easy to secure your endpoints from ransomware and other threats.

  • Rapid Deployment. Admins can deploy VIPRE quickly with minimal disruption to day to day activities.


Convenient Solutions. VIPRE proves speed and security do go together by protecting you from malware without slowing down your PC.


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If you have questions or want to organise a quote, contact us or talk to us at (02) 9416 0416.

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