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VIPRE Portfolio of Protection

Delivering superior protection against a maelstrom of threats is tough enough. It’s even more problematic when you’re forced to rely on a hodgepodge of disparate solutions to stitch together a viable security package. At best you’ll achieve adequate protection at the cost of major deployment and management inefficiency, at worst your users will be vulnerable to attack and you’ll be mired in a time-consuming scramble to find how threats are evading detection.


SoftGen is committed to making Cyber Security both affordable and uncomplicated aimed at providing SME’s with Enterprise level security at the right price.


In addition to VIPRE’s great technical solutions VIPRE also offers a number of flexible commercial packages to meet your requirements, talk to us and we can assist you with the right technical packages at the right price.


VIPRE offers a better way. By meeting all of your security needs with one cohesive portfolio of solutions that are purpose-built to work together, VIPRE enables you to combine maximum protection for your end users with seamless purchase, deployment, management and tech support processes.


With over twenty years’ industry experience, VIPRE has one of the largest threat intelligence clouds, delivering unmatched protection against today’s most aggressive online threats.

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Endpoint Protection

Powerful endpoint security delivering protection against today’s most sophisticated online threats

Site Manager (an MSP SOLUTION) is purpose-built for advanced endpoint protection with DNS in a multitenant environment


Endpoint Cloud protects at the file, application and network layer combining multiple layers of security with network and application agnostic DNS protection


Endpoint Web Access Control (an add-on for endpoint cloud) – gives administrators a simple and easy way to prevent users from visiting sites that maybe malicious, inappropriate, distracting in the workplace environment


Endpoint Server delivers active file and process protection against emerging threats, zero-days and ransomware with additional device control and third party patch management

Email Protection


Email Security Server is an advanced, powerful, policy-based email security solution that defends networks against spam, phishing, viruses and other security threats transmitted via emails.


Email Security Cloud – delivers unparalleled protection from advanced email threats and accidental or malicious data leakage via email-in the office or on the road, no matter the device


Email Security Cloud – with Add-on Solutions secure the #1 attack vector from emerging email based threats and leverage phishing protection, attachment sandboxing, archiving and encryption


Email Security Attachment Threat Protection provides enterprise-grade email protection in an easy to use, out of the box package that includes attachment sandboxing and phishing protection.


Email Security Link Isolation – Automatic protection for any link in any email, proactive scanning to identify and neutralize email threats. Including interactive tools to empower, educate and empower users.


Email Security Archiving – Fast and easy archiving with custom management rules.


Email Security Encryption - Compliance with convenience for email confidentiality and security

User & Data Protection

Solutions that protect users, their actions and sensitive business information from costly attacks and data breaches


Security Awareness Training delivers cloud-based user training and learning modules that build practical, cost-effective security awareness to an organization’s employees is an easy to manage, cloud-based VPN and the secure way to protect employees from online threats while working remotely or on-the-go. Connecting to the internet via risky, unsecured Wi-Fi connections at coffee shops, hotels, airports, and even home networks puts the entire corporate network at risk.


SafeSend confirms external recipients and attachments in Microsoft Outlook when sending outgoing emails

Network Protection

Real-time threat intelligence and the industry’s premier sandbox for next-gen malware analysis


ThreatAnalyzer Sandbox is a dynamic malware analysis sandbox that lets you safely reveal the potential impact of malware on your organization


ThreatIQ compiles real-time, global threat intelligence to understand where attackers are coming from and how they’re working to infiltrate networks

Top Rated Performance

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