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AppSec and AI: Discover the hidden risks and learn how to mitigate them with DAST! is tomorrow

This is a reminder you’re invited to an upcoming webinar - AppSec and AI: Understanding the Risks and Mitigating Them with DAST - this Thursday, July 20, at 10 am AEDT, BST & CT. Join Frank Catucci, Invicti CTO & Head of Security Research, as he explores the risks associated with AI-generated code, including:

  • Privacy concerns surrounding AI engine queries

  • Importing AI-suggested libraries that don’t exist (but can be spoofed by malicious actors)

  • Superficially correct code that introduces business logic vulnerabilities

Possible code licensing violations

Date:Thursday July 20, 2023

Time:10 am AEDT, BST & CT

Join this webinar, discover the hidden risks posed by AI-generated code, and gain valuable insight into the mitigation strategies that will help you stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

All registrants will receive a recording after the event.

Hope you get to join,

Team Invicti


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