Australia is now considered a “SOFT TARGET” for Cyber-crime.

A recent report by Deloitte’s, highlights the massive increase in the number of ransom-ware attacks over the past 12 – 18 months – because we are seen as soft targets compared to our counterparts in Europe and North America.

Paying the ransom to access your digital data is not the total impact on your business, there is the lost of time, lost of revenue and reputation.

Security does not have to be either expensive or complicated.

The main threats come from your email and websites, even legitimate websites can be infected by malware.

With email security, antivirus, web protection and regular backups to offsite storage, you can minimise the risk. Risk Management is define as the identification, evaluation and prioritisation of risks and the impact of unfortunate risks on the business.

However it is important that you select products that are going to meet your requirements – security is no different to any other business challenge – one size does not fit all requirements. Our services are affordable and manageable for all organisations. We have a program that is suitable for your company.

Before investing in security products or if you have already made that investment, you need to ensure that those products are minimising threats that maybe compromising to your digital data.

That’s why Softgen has developed a Security Auditing System specifically for the SME market:

  1. It is affordable.

  2. Scans all your devices from mobile phones to servers, databases and operating systems.

  3. Identifies and prioritises all potential threats.

  4. Produces a report detailing “How to Fix” – which can be implemented by your internal IT folks or your IT service provider.

We provide the tools and expertise and support on fixing any potential threats, that could make you a target for Cyber-criminals. Cyber security is no longer an option that an SME can put on the back burner.

IT Security, IT Management Threat Defence & IT Based Network Security.

Make your online presence, valuable IT and website safe. Contact Us for a free consultation with one of our security consultants.

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