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Managed security service

ThreatDefence is an Australian developed and owned technology that is provided by SoftGen as a managed security service.  Whether you are a global corporation or a smaller business we can help you compete on level playing field through innovative use of technologies and corporate standards.


15 Ways To Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack

Rapid 7

Attackers don't wait...why should you?

Rapid 7 introduces Nexpose Now which allows you to act at the moment of impact. Reduce vulnerabilities by pinpointing, prioritising and fixing exposures through vulnerability management, penetration testing and application security.

VIPRE - Endpoint

Grow Your Business

The most comprehensive endpoint security solution for known and unknown threats with leading technology like cloud-enabled Advanced Active Protection to help prevent ransomware infections, Advanced Browser Protection, removable device control and encryption, and more. Plus, VIPRE Endpoint Security software still manages to work quicker than ever without slowing down PCs.


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VIPRE - Email Security

Virtually ALL organisations large and small, rely on email as the primary business application for communicating both internally and externally.

Most organisations employ a basic form of email scanning backed up by an endpoint security solution. Unfortunately, with today's complex security climate, passive scanning is not enough protection.

VIPRE offers layered email security solutions to combat today's worst malware threats, offering the latest in machine learning technology.

VIPRE's unique modular architecture of VIPRE Email Security allows businesses to choose the exact components needed to provide maximum email security in any specific environment both today and when future threats emerge.

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VIPRE Endpoint Web Access Control

Protects your organisations from web-based threats. Gives you control over what your employees do online and protects your organisation from web-based threats.


Enforce web usage policies for all users regardless of location. An easy to use central management console lets you define your usage polices that can be applied to your entire organisation, specific teams or individuals, regardless of where your users are located.


VIPRE Web Security sits between your users and the internet, inspecting every byte of traffic across multiple security techniques, even within SSL.


VIPRE Endpoint Web Access Control


Is an Outlook plug, used to prevent misaddressed or inadvertent autocomplete email mistakes by requiring the user to confirm external recipients and file attachments before the email can be sent.


All settings in SafeSend are configurable using Windows Group Policy and can be specified on a per-group basis.


You can also add DLP functionality to automatically scan outgoing emails and attachments to ensure sensitive data does not leave your organisation.


Corporate branding (including your logo) and the ability to include custom text with a link to your email/security policy, your users will be reminded that your organisation cares deeply about security.


GFI Kerio Control 

Unified Threat Management

Kerio Control keeps networks, users and assets safe and secure with a powerful all-in-one security solution. Kerio’s NG series of
hardware appliances combine Kerio’s award winning Kerio Control software with specially matched hardware to create a complete network security solution for small to mid-sized organizations. Hardware appliances arrive with the latest version of Kerio Control software and use the same proprietary Linux-based operating system found in the software appliance. Kerio Control hardware appliances bundle all of Kerio’s available security technologies including Kerio Antivirus and Kerio Control Web Filter w/ application awareness.


GFI Kerio Connect 

Kerio Connect is an award-winning messaging and collaboration solution, Kerio Connect, meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses while offering a robust feature line-up. Business users enjoy support for their favourite email client and easy web-based access. Kerio Connect is highly stable-so you can focus on the business rather than unexpected downtime and recovery.

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GFI LanGuard

For better business

GFI LanGuard allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify vulnerabilities in your network and connected devices.

In addition, it enables complete Patch Management of security and non-security patches to Microsoft operating systems, MAC OS X, major Linux distributions and third party applications. It can also automate patching for all major web browsers.


GFI Archiver

GFI Archiver works in parallel with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and other Email servers to copy all emails that are sent and received in a separate server. This enables you to create space on your email server to increase performance, while providing excellent scalability and reliability for your archive store. Storage costs are significantly reduced through a single instance storage (SIS), which stores just one copy of an email sent to multiple recipients and compresses attachments.

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Identity based network security

Cyberoam's identity based network security has changed the rules of the security game. Now you can have centralised security across distributed networks. You can log and report network activity to provide higher levels of security, data confidentiality and regulatory compliance. 


What's the Actiance Advantage

Actively enforce policies across 70+ social platforms and communication channels. Create a contextual archive of your corporate memory: Modern, searchable, web-scale that stores conversations contextually. Analyse your communications: gain insights across all  your social networks and communication chanels.

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Threat Response Platform

ReaQta-Hive is an A.I Powered End Point Threat Response platform, capable of monitoring every end point and detecting new and previously unknown threats, ranging from simple ransomware to more sophisticated non-malware attacks.


ReaQta-Hive offers full visibility, allowing  Security teams to monitor their infrastructure 24/7,with real-time queries to the endpoints, extended searches for both IOCs and behavioural indicators, together with advanced data-mining for discovery of dormant threats.


SoftGen can offer ReaQta as a managed service, which means we not only provide you with the tools we will also provide the expertise to monitor, report and remediate  


RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder

Enterprise strong development tools for cross platform applications.  Single source compile for any device.

Version 10.4 Sydney Now Available.

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