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Managed Security Services

“The costs of comprise can be more expensive than preventative measures”.
- Australian Signals Directorate

A successful breach can be crippling to your business; not only in terms of financial loss but it can also cause lasting damage to your business reputation.


Cyber Security -

a Business Risk

A cyber-attack can happen to any business regardless of size or industry. Whether you're a single operator or a multi-national company, you need to protect your digital assets and minimise the risk to your business.

Unfortunately, conventional computer protection technologies have become less effective, so an effective defense strategy relies on having a holistic and proactive program in place.

But this doesn't have to mean high cost or hiring specialised skillsets! You can protect your digital assets without huge overheads, simply by using a Managed Service such as our Security as a Service.


Then you can sit back while our specialists protect you.


Why SoftGen

We provide the tools plus the, expertise and experience to secure your digital assets all for a single service fee.


Our consultants are experienced Cyber Security Analysts who have experience working across a wide array of companies and industries.


We understand the business needs of an SME - our passion is to provide Enterprise level security at ab affordable price.  


Advantages of

Security as a Service

Two of the biggest benefits of our Security as a Service are:

  1. There is no capital outlay for expensive software tools and expertise.

  2. It is extremely cost-effective - you only pay for the number of devices/employees scanned.


But that's not all! There are plenty of other benefits:

  • It's scalable - as your business grows, you're protected. 

  • It's quick to implement, giving you immediate peace of mind.

  • It's proactive vs reactive, protecting you against both known issues and emerging and undocumented threats.

  • It's non-disruptive, which means no impact to operations.

Learn about more advantages for your business!


Our Services

We provide a wide range of services aimed at delivering a cyber security solution required by all business from a single operator to a multi-national company.


Our services include Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Audits through to fully Managed XDR Platform supported by a local 24x7 Security Operations Centre.


Our latest offering includes access to our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO on Demand), this service can be utilised as an ad hoc or contracted service.