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Cyber Security Services

SoftGen and Cyber Security

SoftGen has been delivering a range of cyber security to partners and customers across a wide range of industries and company sizes since 2013.

Our services range from on site Security Audits through to a fully managed services supported by a local Security Operations Centre.

Our services enable customers to move through a top-down process, implementing a management framework to assist them with information security and risk policy. This approach is industry aligned and practical or any organisation from SME to Enterprise, emphasising greater protection on key assets and a business need-to-know policy.

Our services are affordable and manageable for all organisations. We have a program that is suitable for your company.

How to Secure your Business

The foundation of risk management is knowledge of the factors which may cause loss. Cyber security is no different.

Cyber breaches are increasing and being reported daily. The information though, does not offer real answers.

Cyber Security and the Small to Medium Enterprise

Cyber security is no longer an option that an SME can put on the back burner.

According to a Telstra report 60% of Australian business were interrupted by a security breach in the last 12 months.

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